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We Build World Class Ecommerce Experiences for High Volume Ecommerce Merchants

Serious eCommerce business requires serious solutions—and Shopify Plus offers a seamless, enterprise-level back office experience that keeps you online and selling, even with thousands of orders a day.

At Digital Develop, we design, develop and maintain eCommerce stores that are as functional as they are intuitive, elegantly showcasing your products to visitors in order to drive more sales.

Our team works with you to build a beautiful website and solutions that exceeds expectations with exceptional creativity and attention to detail. Our aim is to bring your vision to life while utilizing all the powerful features that Shopify Plus has to offer. Focus on your business without sweating the small details in the background. Our expert technical team ensures that your website is up-to-date with the latest standards.

Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your Shopify Plus design and development, needs and how we can help your vision become a reality.


Let Us Build Your
Conversion Driven E-Commerce Store

Has your business experienced massive growth online and is looking to transition to the enterprise e-commerce platform of Shopify Plus? We’ll expertly handle your migration needs. Are you an SME that has experienced unprecedented online growth and is looking to move to Shopify Plus to cope with your burgeoning traffic and large order volume? We’ll do the heavy lifting. Are you a growing brand planning your first foray into the e-commerce universe? We’ll get you settled into your new Shopify Plus online business with ease. What do you do when your e-commerce store is getting really big? You call us and we’ll congratulate you, then we’ll move you on to Shopify Plus so you can keep on growing bigger and bigger!



Digital Develop takes the reins and designs, develops and maintains your new scalable SAAS solution while reducing your IT and Labor costs. We make sure your new e-commerce store has all of the bells and whistles, looks irresistible and is the talk of the Shopify platform. We’ll ensure that you can scale your business “shop” without getting entangled in technical limitations with our constant support and site maintenance.

Seamless Integration

Shopify Plus is cloud based and pre-deployed with the result that you do not have to install anything. Shopify Plus has robust APIs which will enable you to integrate your ERP, CRM and other tools. Digital Develop will assist you with choosing the best extensions from their App Store ecosystem to work in tandem with your agile marketing tools.

Dedicated Support

Part of the Shopify Plus offering is a dedicated team that will support you with every step of setting up and maintaining your store. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager that will assist with feature clarification, fixing bugs fast and priority customer account support-24/7.

Shopify Script

Shopify Plus has an in-platform script editor. You can now build out customized features. Digital Develop will write the code using “Scripts” micro-customizations to address the needs of enterprise level merchants. This allows for tiered pricing, running advanced promotions like "Buy One - Get One Free", discounts, price breaks, free gifts and rewards without installing any third party extensions or apps.

Checkout Customization

If you're a Shopify Plus merchant, you can customize your Checkout Page with a liquid template. This allows you have a Checkout page that matches your brand. There can now be alignment between your domain and brand. Your customer will also have a unique user experience. Digital Develop will customize your new Checkout page using the Shopify Plus checkout.liquid themes and layouts offered.

Companies use Shopify Plus

What We Offer for High Volume Merchants

You focus on your brand, we take care of the tech. We are obsessed with the opportunities that Shopify Plus offers its e-Commerce clients. When you combine our years of experience with Shopify Plus’s powerful functionalities your business is in good hands and set to grow even bigger. Our award winning team will provide you with expert solutions to creating your ideal Shopify Plus e-commerce store. Leave it to us. We’ll worry about the technology –you can focus on your business.

Premium Design & Development

Our forte is intuitive user interface design (UI) and user experience (UX) centric design that draws quality traffic and soaring conversions. We design and develop creative, original, enticing, custom Shopify Plus E-Commerce stores. Shopify Plus provides space for unlimited amounts of products, bandwidth, storage, load and sales and we’ll develop the best design to house it all. When we build it –they will come!

Custom App Integration

Digital develop will integrate the custom apps from Shopify Plus with the current business apps you are using. We ensure that they all work together. Whether it’s Mailchimp, CRM, ERP, Salesforce, QBO or any other app - we will sync them so they can talk to each other across platforms thanks to the cloud. This allows for limitless possibilities for your e-commerce store on Shopify Plus.

Migration to Shopify Plus

We can migrate you from another platform like Magento, transition you from Shopify or upgrade your current shop front presence with cost effective solutions. We love migrating our clients to Shopify Plus with its wealth of exceptional features and support. We’ll be with you every step of the way to make the transition seamless.


We are great fans of the Shopify Plus e-commerce platform and have immersed ourselves in learning every aspect of their outstanding offering. It can be a daunting task to navigate its various elements and that is where Develop Digital can alleviate your stress. We would like to offer our guidance and help to ensure an optimal experience on Shopify Plus. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss how we can help build your online conversion inducing Shopify Plus e-commerce site.


  • Digital Develop provided excellent service from concept design through to handover... Great specialist teams with an overarching project management bringing it all together! Really appreciated their help throughout - with a no question too basic to answer approach. Quick responses to our queries and implementing our basic idea into an awesome site!!
    Diego Solis
    Alpha Hustler Co
  • My experience with Digital Develop is been amazing so far. I have to say beyond my expectations. I appreciate the prompt response to my requests in a very professional way. Thanks so much!
    Nathaniel Booker
    iPak Survival
  • Digital Develop was amazing to work with. They kept our project on time and executed our vision exactly like we wanted. The project manager was incredibly responsive and very flexible in terms of what we wanted. We will be continuing to work with them... Highly recommended as a vendor.
    Nathaniel Booker
    No Limiti R US
  • They have been great to work with. We signed up for ongoing support, and send them lots of tasks. They are prompt in communicating and getting the requests done. I would recommend them for anyone looking for ongoing support for your Shopify site.
    Rami Mehrab
  • Great service and quick response time. They did a perfect job of accomplishing what I was hoping to get by an expert. Would highly recommend to others.
    Steve Bulmer
    The Poké Central
  • Digitaldevelop is hands-down the best Shopify Experts out there for any theme tweak or small job that you may have. Every step along the way, someone is in touch with you and let's you review the changes that they have made until the customer is satisfied. They had excellent communication throughout the entire process and won me as a life-time customer. Being a solo developer and maintaining my store with monthly Pro plan is the best way to get a top-notch developer on your side without investing thousands of dollars each month.
    Marc Rosenberg
    The Edge Desk
  • Brilliant job making a couple of quick changes to my store! This is a fantastic service which is flexible enough to allow for 'task for hire' or for a 'monthly service'.
  • They're quick! They finished my project in less than a day and I love how it turned out! Very affordable!
    Diego Solis
    Alpha Hustler Co.
  • Digital Develop team is a D R E A M for a small business! As a solopreneur, I needed to outsource some complex tasks that my extremely limited coding skills weren't equipped to handle. Digital Develop was a great solution for me, and they provided a tremendous value. They worked quickly, responded to job requests and emails very promptly and clearly, and they worked to provide long-term solutions that empowered me, rather than making me reliant on their work. They saved me time, money, and a ton of frustration. I consider this team a valuable resource for me and my business, and I will absolutely call upon their expertise again and again
    Bridget Rondell
    Crazy L Mercantile
  • Digital Develop has been wonderful to work with. I have the lowest level plan, :) The work they do is great - and it is such a reasonable solution to customize the Shopify theme that they have helped me with. So appreciative they exist!
    Katherien Isais
    The Bow Co.
  • Very responsive and very competent. I think they are a superbe team to work with; if you need precise layouting tasks and small liquid implementation, that would take you a day, it takes them less than an hour. great business model, 5 stars from my point of view!
    Shaun D'souza
    The Wig Ware House
  • Very good work and delivery within 15 minutes so far . Two days working with Digital Develop would take two weeks figuring out on our own.
    Thomas Alexander
    The Industrial Stop
  • Digital Develop has been wonderful to work with. I have the lowest level plan, :) The work they do is great - and it is such a reasonable solution to customize the Shopify theme that they have helped me with. So appreciative they exist!
    Katherine Isais
    The Bow Co.
  • A very professional and accurate and FAST experts in Shopify, I am very pleased that I have found them because they are very very professional and fast.
    Bridget Rondell
    Crazy L Mercantile
  • I am using their monthly Store maintenance service that is really worth. They never let me down. Their prom reply and fixing is really awesome.
    Keith Hanson
    Next Level Toys & Games
  • The most knowledgable and hardworking developers i have come across. Even if there was an issue at midnight, they were available on call and sorted it out within minutes. Amazing Experience.
    Kashem Abdullah
    Business Planet LLC
  • Absolutely a pleasure to work with will be using  for all future projects . Thank you for the professional work and work ethic!!!
    Karem Marmosh
    360 Labs Nutrition
  • Great to work with. Fast and reliable.
    K. Cole
    Le Chic Fashion Boutique
  • The team is very proactive, and communicative, offer a better choice and solution, also the CEO of Digital Develop gave guarantees. He want to listen and understand what buyer needs. Great service, will buy for next project.
    Family Wellness Zone
  • Outstanding Service, Excellent Communication, Delivered on time, Great Quality!!!!! Recommend!!!!
  • They did fantastic work! The ceo executed well on the requests I made. He was given a blank slate with little idea from me and create an amazing website. His communication through the entire process was awesome. Watching him work was an pleasure. Will buy from again!
    Bl. Kasear
    Green2Kleen LLC
  • Great communication, quick to make fixes, would definitely recommend! Thanks!
    Mister Midnight
    MMidnight Music
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    Joan Avina
  • Delivers an excellent job and really amazing to work with. Highly Recommended!!
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    Gordon Dale
  • They did a great job in installing my facebook fanpage shop, will hire anytime again.
    Marco Laterza
    Marco Laterza Fitness
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    Tom Johnson
  • They are very fast and hard working developer, quick and positive at implementing feedback.
    Tiffany Vongerichten
    Bad Dog Bakery

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